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Updated: 05 Mar 2024


Review of Lucky Jet Games: Description

Lucky Jet game stands out with a huge number of advantages, including significant multipliers and high payout speed. It gets great reviews on forums, it is chosen by more and more users from India. Play online in the game Lucky Jet is quite interesting, thanks to the high speed of plot development and the probability of falling multipliers up to x100 and above, giving the process a pleasant excitement. This is exactly what is required of connoisseurs of gambling. At the same time it provided high functionality and ease of operation.

Rules of the Lucky Jet game

When the user opens the page with Lucky Jet, then on the screen he sees how round after round conquers the skies the main character of this simulator, whose name is Lucky Joe. However, his path is not endless, and during each round sooner or later it ends – there is a crash. 

Thus, the user needs to keep in mind several features of this game:

  • Rounds start in automatic mode. From the user to start the game does not require any action. The gambler only needs to wait for a short pause, and the daredevil Joe will again make his attempt to get to the high multipliers.
  • Winning the user depends on the achieved coefficient. It increases with the height of the active character. That said, if the user fails to redeem his bet before Joe falls, the bet will be completely burned.
  • Lucky Joe’s flight is directly dependent on the Random Number Generator. During one round it can go up for 10 minutes, during another round it crashes almost immediately (or even at odds of 1).

The user makes a bet before the start of the round, and the main goal of the player is to redeem the bet in time.

Lucky Jet demo version

The demo version of Lucky Jet game, which is present in reliable online casinos in India, is a useful tool for beginners and experienced players. It provides an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the game and its rules without spending real money. For beginners, the demo version helps them understand how the game works and what strategies can be used. In addition, the demo version allows beginners to evaluate the graphics and sound effects of the game, which can be useful when choosing a game to play for real money.

Lucky Jet strategy for beginners

In the absence of experience, you can use the Lucky Jet strategy, based on the use of minimum odds. The player’s task is to set up an automatic cash out and set the odds at the level of 1.1. Statistically, this parameter is more common than 1.5.

The strategy is considered to work, but it has several disadvantages:

  • minimum winnings – no more than 10% of the bet;
  • high probability of losing before the odds reach 1.09.

When the second outcome appears, the algorithm of the game Lucky Jet stops working, and the risk of rapid draining of the deposit increases.

Lucky Jet strategy with moderate risk

One way to win is to wait for the odds from 2 to 3. The probability of the occurrence of the event is about 40%. In some cases, you can count on getting a larger amount, but this is rare. The disadvantage of the strategy is that the player can not predict the result, which has a random character. Much depends on luck and the availability of the necessary amount in the account.

Risky scheme of earning Lucky Jet

If you want to earn quickly, many people use the Lucky Jet scheme, focused on achieving the maximum coefficient. We are talking about a number that exceeds 100 to 1. 

The scheme of the game has the following form:

  • Expectation of high odds;
  • Pause for 30-50 minutes;
  • Active game waiting for the appearance of a large coefficient.

The use of such a scheme of earning Lucky Jet requires increased attention and carries great risks. Much depends on the size of the bet. The above tactics can be used for odds of 40X and above, and then for 100X. This way you can save money and increase the probability of winning.

Is this simulator completely reliable?

Yes, Lucky Jet slot work on the basis of the Provably Fair mechanism, which is a guarantee of fairness of the simulator. If you’re still in doubt, explore more information on why you should play Lucky Jet.

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