Is TeraBox Safe?(Shocking Facts About The Security Of the App)

Updated: 16 Apr 2024



TeraBox has become one of the most downloaded and used Cloud storage in the world.  In such a short period, the app has left behind all of the cloud storage companies that were ruling before it. However, Is TeraBox safe or not? Every user of TeraBox or the one who wants to use it asks this question.

Therefore, I used the app myself and also researched all of the security measures that it takes to keep the user’s data safe. I found some shocking things about its security that the users of the TeraBox app must know about.   Read this article to learn everything about TeraBox’s security.

What’s TeraBox?

TeraBox is a famous cloud storage application that is owned by FlexTech Inc which is a mobile app development company known worldwide. This company has also developed several famous Android and iOS applications.

TeraBox gained popularity when people got to know about the free 1 TB storage that it offers. This much space has never been offered for free by any other cloud storage services.

Besides the free storage, the app also has two affordable premium plans. Its monthly plan starts at $3.49, and its yearly plan is $35.99. Isn’t that amazing?

The app is also very easy to use and has great sync speed, good customer support, and easy sharing of files across all social media apps. However, the TeraBox app gets a lot of criticism for its security. So, is TeraBox safe to use or not? The next section will teach you just that.

Is TeraBox Safe to use?

Yes, TeraBox is a safe-to-use cloud storage app that takes all of the security measures to keep your data safe.  Let’s talk about each one by one now.

TeraBox Safety Features:

It’s now time for us to talk about the security features of TeraBox and learn more about its safety.

Advanced Technology:

TeraBox has one of the biggest user bases in the world. TeraBox takes care of the user’s data, and hence, it uses advanced technology like robust security protocols and sophisticated encryption to keep the user’s data safe.

The first technology is used to fight against hacking attempts made on the user’s TeraBox account to steal the data. The second technology makes the data unreadable for those who don’t have a decryption key, making it harder for hackers to access the user’s data.

SSL Encryption:

TeraBox cloud storage has this cool thing called SSL encryption. Whenever you upload or download stuff, SSL encryption jumps into action, making sure nobody can snoop around your data without your say-so. It makes the data unreadable for anyone with no decryption key except the platform and you.

Experienced Security Team:

No matter if any hacker tries to hack your data there is no other security threat for it, The experienced security team of TeraBox is always there for your protection. The team includes highly experienced cybersecurity experts who monitor the platform and the activities on the users’ TeraBox account.

Whenever they find anything to be fishy with the app like any hacking attempt or a security threat, they fight against it so that the user’s data remains safe at all costs. This makes the TeraBox app more secure.

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ISO Certifications:


To win the users’ trust, TeraBox has also received three certificates from ISO(International Organization for Standardization), a non-governmental organisation that analyses apps to ensure that they’re safe for users. The main one is ISO/IEC 27001:2013, which covers how they manage information security.

They also have ISO 27018 and ISO 27701, focusing on cloud privacy and personal data protection. Basically, these certifications mean TeraBox follows strict international standards to keep your info secure and private.

Endorsement By Trend Micro:

Trend micro-works just like ISO. It analyses nearly created applications and then gives the world a review. They have dedicated a team of cybersecurity experts who test the app and make it undergo different security tests.

When the app successfully suppresses these tests, the team then gives a review about the app. The best thing about the TeraBox app is that it was endorsed by Trend Micro as well. This means it must have passed the security tests of the Trend Micro team.

Regular Updates:

TeraBox makes sure to keep things fresh and secure with regular brand updates. Just like how your phone gets software updates to fix bugs and add new features, TeraBox does the same for its platform. These updates help keep your data safe and the system running smoothly, so you can trust that TeraBox is always working to improve your experience.

Trust of Millions of Users:

Just in the 4th month of its launch, TeraBox had completed 10 million downloads on Google Play Store. Since then, it hasn’t looked back and has been drastically growing.  Millions of people who have downloaded the app trust it and its security. It shows that the app is secure and ensures your data remains safe at all costs.

So, these are all of the security features of TeraBox that try to protect your data from getting leaked and issued. Now, let me answer some of your frequently asked questions about TeraBox’s safety.


1) Can I trust TeraBox?

You can surely trust TeraBox cloud storage for storing your data as it’s a reputable and well secure company.

2) Which country developed TeraBox cloud storage?

TeraBox Cloud storage developed by a Japanese company, part of FlexTech Inc.

3) Is TeraBox really worth it?

TeraBox is indeed worth it as it gives you 1 TB of free storage and also an easy-to-use interface. It also has affordable premium plans that you can get the most out of.

4) Why is TeraBox safe?

Because TeraBox has never had any information leakage since it was launched. Although it has been hacked millions of times, it has never had a problem. Check the reason why your data is safe with TeraBox.

Final Words:

Is TeraBox safe? There’s no doubt that TeraBox is a safe-to-use cloud storage service. It protects your data with its advanced security system and its cybersecurity team, which is always keeping an eye on the platform and users’ accounts.

This is the reason I’ve switched to TeraBox completely. I also recommend you be a user of TeraBox, as it keeps your data safe and doesn’t harm your privacy.

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