How to Get the Biggest Win in Plinko Game?

Updated: 28 Feb 2024


What is The Maximum Winning in Plinko Game?

Plinko is an excellent choice for players who want to get new sensations from gambling, try their luck in search of big winnings and enjoy the excitement without unnecessary difficulties. The essence of the online Plinko is quite simple – to roll the ball into the hole with the most favorable coefficient. No known sweepstakes works according to similar principles. That’s why a lot of people are asking questions: what is the maximum gain in such a simple game? Read this article and you will find all the answers.

The Essence of the Plinko Game

Plinko is an online entertainment inspired by the cult TV show The Price of Luck. It combines elements of a classic board game and an interactive arcade. The participants need to launch a ball and receive payouts. At the bottom of the screen, there are several cells with the odds. The ball is launched from the top and, fighting off obstacles falls on one of the cells. The player’s bet is multiplied by the dropped multiplier. There are some benefits of the Plinko gambling:

  • High RTP;
  • Simple and interesting;
  • INR is available;
  • Various themes;
  • Exiting;
  • Fun for all people. It attracts a wide range of ages;
  • Demo version for free. 

Of course, everything has its cons. You should remember that Plinko is based on chance, so players cannot always win. The game has a limited number of options, the success of the round depends on the quality of the board and the smoothness of the pins. 

Features of the Plinko Slot

In Plinko, victory depends more on luck. The user cannot directly influence the movement of the ball after confirming the bet. However, before the start of the round, players are asked to set the appropriate settings:

  • Lines. You could increase the number of lines in the device from 8 to 16. As the value increases, there will be more directions in which the ball can roll down and reach the hole;
  • The level of risk. The game has modes for users who prefer to play with different volatility. You could set a low, medium or high risk during a gaming session;
  • The betting mode. Manual and automatic formats are available to participants. 

When switching to “Auto”, the specified amount of balls will start in a row – you do not need to wait sequentially for the result of each round.

Where to Play Plinko in India

Today, Plinko is represented in lots of online casinos. This is one of the most popular slots, so almost all brands include it in their list. You may trust the following companies in India:

  • Pin-Up Casino. The site has a simple and user-friendly interface. You would also find various bonuses and promotions there;
  • 1Win. It is a popular online bookmaker in many countries, including India. It has a very large catalog of slot machines from different providers. There are always nice starting bonuses for beginners;
  • Parimatch. This is another site that has Plinko in its arsenal. Users may create an account and place bets on various sporting events. In addition, it provides live broadcasts and statistics.

These three bookmakers really deserve your attention. You can choose other bookmakers, but first make sure that they are honest.

How to Start a Plinko Game?

When you have chosen the right place for your game, the next step is to start the process. Many people have questions about this. Below is a small guide on how to do everything right:

  1. Open the bookmaker’s website from your phone or computer;
  2. Register a new account or log in to the existing one;
  3. Top up your balance;
  4. Find the Plinko in the catalog and click on it;
  5. Place a stake, select the difficulty of the game and the number of pins, and click “Play”.

The amount of winnings in Plinko is random and luck. It is impossible to adjust or calculate exactly where the ball will hit. And it is fascinating to watch the development of events and the changing bet figures every second. Perhaps that is why it has so quickly taken a leading position in the player market and has become one of the juiciest offers among online casinos.

Maximal Winnings in the Game

You can receive 100,000 credits as much as possible in Plinko, but not everyone will be lucky to hit the jackpot. For this, you would have to take a significant risk, since the multiplier of 1000x appears only when choosing a game with high volatility. Potential winnings in gambling entertainment depend on two factors:

  • The level of risk. As the risk increases, the range of payments expands. At low volatility, the multipliers range from 0.5 to 16x, at medium – from 0.5 to 110x, at high – from 0.2 to 1000x;
  • The number of lines. The more directions there are, the wider the finish line.

The Plinko game, as in any online casino entertainment, is based on the principle of random number generation.

How to Win in Plinko?

It is not difficult to understand the rules of Plinko. A one-time acquaintance with the software is enough to place bets intuitively in the future. To achieve a positive financial result, learn some recommendations:

  • Choose the risk mode based on your own approach to the game;
  • Distribute the bank correctly. No matter how simple and generous it may seem, it is worth dividing the available deposit into a sufficient number of rounds;
  • Follow the chosen strategy;
  • Focus on statistics. The results of the past rounds may be useful in drawing up your own strategy. 

With enough luck and a competent approach, the bank can be increased many times. Although victory at Plinko casino is not guaranteed, with a return of 99%, the user has a very good chance.

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