Unlocking the Thrill: Exploring the Diverse Lottery Options at Hi88 Game Halls

Updated: 28 May 2024


Hi88 – The lotteries at the game halls are very complete, including 3-region lottery, super-speed lottery, and various related games. The house offers many different forms of lottery for players to choose from and the winning rate is also very large. Players can bet on lottery forms at the North – Central – South lottery stations or play lotto, PK10, Thai lottery…

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The most detailed way to play Hi88 lottery

Participating in the Hi88 lottery is very simple, players just need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the Hi88 lottery website

The first step, players need to go to the official homepage of the game using the direct links provided here or other websites:

For players who do not have a login account, please click on the “register” box on the home page and register for hi88 as required by the house.

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Step 2: Choose the form of playing Hi88 lottery

On the home page, the product categories are displayed very clearly by the house. The house provides players with forms such as Vip lottery, 3-region lottery, Mega lottery… For each form, there will be different options for playing and each station will have a different way of calculating lottery points. .

For example:

  • Northern Lottery: 1 lottery point corresponds to 27k.
  • Central region lottery: 1 lottery point corresponds to 18k.
  • Southern Lottery: 1 lottery point corresponds to 18k.

We will take the example of the Northern lottery so that players can visualize the steps in the most detail. At the Hi88 Northern lottery playing interface, the house will provide many lottery playing options such as: Bao Lo, Lottery Diagonal, Hit De, Head of Tail, 3-Card, 4-Card and Slip-Lottery.

  • Lots: 2 Number Lot, 2 Number 1K Lot, 3 Number Lot, 4 Number Lot.
  • Lottery: Odds 2, Odds 3, Odds 4.
  • Check the Topics: Special Topics, 7th Prize and First Prize.
  • Head Tail: Head or Tail.
  • 3 Pins: 3 Lottery Pins and 3 Special Pins.
  • 4 Totes: 4 Lottery Totes and 4 Special Totes.
  • Slots: Slot Slide 4, Slot Slide 8 and Slot Slide 10.

Note: players should check their betting account and deposit Hi88 money into their account to bet successfully.

Step 3: Place lottery bets on Hi88

After the player has chosen the bet type and favorite bet type, you continue to choose the number to play. You can choose the quick number you want to play or choose to enter the number. Once you have entered the number and selected the number, enter the number of points you want to play. In the multiplier section is the number of points you bet, the bet amount will be automatically multiplied according to the number of points you choose.

After selecting numbers, the system will display your choices in “bet content”. Check again, if there are no changes, click BET. Next, the Hi88 bookmaker system will notify you to confirm again. Please click OK to submit your bet. After you click OK. The system will send your bet order and notify you of a successful bet.

After filling in, the player will click on the “Place bet” box. Your job now is just to wait for the results of the Hi88 lottery drawing. If you win, bookmaker Hi88 will add money to your betting account immediately, so there is no need to worry about this issue.

It’s important that you apply Hi88 lottery tips when playing the lottery at the house to increase your chances of winning!

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