Cricket through the lens of the T20 World Cup

Updated: 11 Mar 2024


The T20 Cricket World Cup has become, without exaggeration, the most popular and watchable tournament among other tournaments in this sport. There are simple explanations for this fact: bats are made with thicker edges, field boundaries are shortened, cheerleading appears, etc. The evolution of cricket has gone through quite a few stages, thanks to which millions of people around the world are interested in cricket and cricket betting. Things have gotten to the point where people specifically install applications from the trusted bookmaker 1xbet to make it more convenient to place bets. You can also do this by following the link – Today we will talk about the main thing, that is, what cricket looks like and what is its phenomenon.


A game in this format lasts only 3 hours. For cricket, this is very little.


Let’s look at the game format. We recommend that our readers take a pencil and a piece of paper and write everything down, draw a diagram, repeat it, and voila – now we start speaking the same language!

As you know, cricket is played by two teams.

To put it very simply, the bowlers of the first team (A) serve the balls, trying to knock out the batsmen of the second team (B), not allowing them to score many runs.

When the overs have ended or the batsmen have been eliminated, the teams change sides, i.e. The batting Team (B) is now in the first place, and the pitching team (A) is now batting.

The goal of Team B is to catch up and overtake the score of Team A.

It’s simple. Two teams on equal terms. Each one hit, each one served!

“T-20”, “twenty-20”, or simply “20 overs”

The game of cricket consists of overs. The bowler bowls 6 balls in one over, after which the 2nd, 3rd, etc. comes. over. That is, we get 6 innings in 1 over.

20 overs = 120 deliveries (20×6), approximately an hour and a half. On average, 1 over is 4.5 minutes.

It turns out that in a T-20 match, team A served team B 20 overs (+- 1.5 hours in time), then team B served team A 20 overs (+- 1.5 in time), for a total of 40 overs or 3 hours for the game time. So we got the name – “20-20”, “twenty-20”.

Understanding this scheme (we won’t go into detail now whether there are time restrictions, what breaks there are, what if… etc.), we get the basis of the formats, now every reader can understand for himself what the game is like 30, 40, or 50 overs.

The over is the foundation of cricket!

And at the very end we will consider the condition, what if all the batsmen (batter) were bowled out before 20 overs, for example on the 12th over? We have a game of 20 overs, how to finish the game, what then? And everything is simple, for example: Team A scored 120 points in 12 overs. Team B, to win, needs to exceed the score of 120 points in 20 overs! As soon as the score is higher, at least by a point, the game ends. Theoretically, the second team can finish the game even in the 10th over! It turns out we did it in 2 hours!

If you understand even a little about cricket and it interests you even more, then we advise you to plunge into it headlong. After all, the 2024 Cricket World Cup will be held very soon. Adjust your plans for the championship by watching and studying the world cup 2024 schedule cricket.

Where do they play?

Cricket is played on an ellipse-shaped field with a pitch in the middle. This is a strip approximately three meters wide and 20 meters long. This is where the main action of the match takes place. At each end of the pitch, there are wickets of three posts on which rest two cylinders.


Currently, if a match finishes in a draw and a winner is required, the tie is settled by either side elimination or Super Over. Each team selects three batters and one bowler to participate in a “mini-match,” with one from each side. The side that bats second in the contest goes first in the Super Over. In turn, each team bats one bowler against one of their opponents’ allocated bowlers, and their innings ends if they lose two wickets before the over is finished. The side that scores the most points in the Super Over wins. If the Super Over also results in a draw, the team with the most points (4s + 6s) after 20 overs wins.

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