How To Choose The Right Real Estate Agency?

Updated: 22 May 2024


Do you own a house or apartment that you want to sell? Do you want to use a real estate agency, but you don’t know which one to choose?

The 5 tips to take into account:


The profession of real estate agents like Joe Homebuyer of Chicagoland is a regulated profession. The title of a real estate agent can only be held by professionals who are qualified and who work as independents. This is the reason why some professionals who do not have this qualification present themselves as real estate advisors.

In every city, you will find real estate agents who are perfectly familiar with the particularities of the local market. These real estate professionals are overall very flexible and attentive to their clients. Some work in a small local structure and others work in franchised agencies. These are mainly larger structures that are part of a national or international network.

It’s up to you to form your opinion and find the one who seems most competent to you and who will go out of her way to satisfy you. How to choose?


An essential thing before you decide is to view the real estate agency website. Do they use pretty photos that highlight the goods, do they offer catchy descriptions? How do they differ from others?

What services does the agency offer? Home staging, professional photos, property plans?

And for what commission exactly? Please note that a real estate agent’s fees are generally between 3 and 5% excluding VAT and 21% of the sale price.

There are now hybrid formulas at 1 and 2% excluding VAT 21% with active participation from sellers.


A real estate agent who pressures you so that after a few minutes of the interview, you entrust him with the mission without having asked too many questions, should be banned! A good professional must question you about the property, the work carried out, the advantages, and the nuisances. He must be informed about everything concerning the property to be sold.


As you will spend a lot of time collaborating with your real estate agent, there must be good communication between you. It is necessary that you feel confident with him and that he is both available and competent to be able to meet all your expectations and thus allow you to carry out your projects. You must be convinced that your real estate agent is the one who will be your trusted advisor such as Joe Homebuyer of Chicagoland. Trust is the most important thing for a real estate transaction to be successful.


To get your idea, don’t hesitate to compare. Do not fall into the trap of choosing the agent who tells you that he will be able to sell your property at the highest price. Also, make sure that the agency employee(s) who will show your property are experienced because it very often happens that they are not the same people as those you met when signing the mission.

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Allie Herry

Allie Herry

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