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Updated: 03 Nov 2023


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Look no further! In this article, We have compiled heartwarming Allama Iqbal Quotes, poems, Poetry, and Shayari In English that will touch your heart and soul. Let’s read. 

  • “Patience, without a doubt, leads to victory. – Allama Iqbal”

Allama Iqbal Quotes

Allama Iqbal was a renowned poet and philosopher whose words continue to inspire people around the world. Here we have collected his most thought-provoking and insightful quotes that will touch your heart. Let’s read.

allama iqbal quotes
  • “With faith, discipline, and selfless devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve.  – Allama Iqbal”
  • “Patience, without a doubt, leads to victory. – Allama Iqbal”
  • “Elevate yourself to such an extent that, before every decree, God Himself asks, ‘What is it that you desire?’ – Allama Iqbal”
  • “Nations are born in the hearts of poets; they prosper and perish at the hands of politicians. – Allama Iqbal”
  • “The ultimate goal of the ego is not to witness something, but to become something. – Allama Iqbal”
  • “Recognize your own worth; use your strength to achieve it. – Allama Iqbal”
  • “Heal and complete the spirit. When faced with a choice between a limb and good character, choose the good character. – Allama Iqbal”
  • “The best way to predict the future is to create it. – Allama Iqbal”

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Allama Iqbal Poems in English

In this phase, We have gathered the best Allama Iqbal Poems in English. You can discover the beauty and wisdom of Allama Iqbal’s poetry in English. Let’s Explore his profound insights on religion, philosophy, and the human condition. Let’s read.

allama iqbal poem in english

In the deserts of the heart

Let the healing fountain start.”

“The world is but a canvas to our imagination.”

“With open wings of love, O Soul,

Fly high, so you can see the whole.”

“Strive to rise above time and space,

Through self-realization, embrace grace.”

“Don’t be imprisoned by your past,

Break free, and your destiny is vast.”

“The self is a drop in the ocean of Being,

Merge with the whole, and find meaning.”

“The heart is a mirror, clear and bright,

Reflecting the truth with pure light.”

“Awake, arise, and be what you dream,

Your aspirations, in reality, gleam.”

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Allama Iqbal Shayari In English

In this section, We have gathered amazing Allama Iqbal Shayari In English. These verses capture the essence of Allama Iqbal’s poetic wisdom and themes of self-realization, inspiration, and striving for a better future. Let’s read.

allama iqbal shayari In english

“The nightingale has a thousand melodies,

But it’s still in search of a tune from your heart.”

“A nation’s strength lies in unity and purpose,

When hearts align, they become unconquerable.”

“In the garden of the soul, plant the seeds of ambition,

For it’s the desires of the heart that lead to fruition.”

“Awaken the spirit, let it soar like an eagle,

To explore the heights where dreams are regal.”

“Rise above worldly desires, reach for the divine,

The purpose of life is greater than you can define.”

“In the book of life, the past is but a chapter,

Write the future with the ink of your endeavor.”

“Let your vision be as wide as the sky,

For within your dreams, your destiny lies.”

“Your thoughts are the architects of your destiny,

Build a noble future with wisdom and dignity.”

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Iqbal Day Quotes

Iqbal Day is a celebration of the inspirational legacy of Allama Iqbal, the renowned poet-philosopher of the East. 

On this special occasion, we’ve curated a collection of thought-provoking Iqbal Day quotes that resonate with his wisdom and vision, inviting you to explore his profound insights and ideals. Let’s read.

iqbal day quote
  • “Iqbal Day is a reminder that great thinkers like Allama Iqbal continue to light the path of wisdom and inspiration.”
  • “As we celebrate Iqbal Day, let’s honor the poet-philosopher’s vision for a world of unity, purpose, and excellence.”
  • “Today, we commemorate the legacy of Allama Iqbal, whose words and ideas continue to ignite our hearts and minds.”
  • “Iqbal Day is not just a date; it’s a celebration of the enduring spirit of hope and transformation.”
  • “Let the celebration of Iqbal Day be a testament to the power of poetry and philosophy in shaping nations.”
  • “On this day, we come together to honor the poet who dreamed of a world where dreams turned into reality.”
  • “Iqbal Day reminds us that with courage and vision, we can transform the world as envisioned by Allama Iqbal.”
  • “In celebrating Iqbal Day, we celebrate the essence of humanity and the potential for greatness within us all.”

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Who was Allama Iqbal?

Allama Iqbal was a renowned poet, philosopher, and political activist who is widely regarded as one of the most important figures in modern Islamic thought. He was born in Sialkot, British India, in 1877, and died in Lahore, Pakistan, in 1938.

What are some of Allama Iqbal’s most famous quotes?

Here are a few of Allama Iqbal’s most famous quotes:

  • “Khudi ko kar buland itna, ke har taare ko pahunche, salaam kare koi tujhse, to tu salaam na kare.” (Raise yourself so high that you reach every star, and if someone greets you, don’t greet them back.)
  • “Ilm hai fano, amal baqa hai, amal se duniya mein naam hai.” (Knowledge is temporary, action is eternal, through action you get a name in the world.)
  • “Zindagi mein jab aaye koi muskil, to na ghabrana, yeh waqt hai tera imtihan le raha hai.” (When a difficulty comes in your life, don’t panic, this is the time your time is testing you.)
What is Allama Iqbal’s legacy?

Allama Iqbal’s legacy is vast and multifaceted. He is remembered as a brilliant poet, philosopher, and political activist. He is also credited with playing a key role in the development of the Muslim identity in the modern world. Iqbal’s work continues to inspire and influence people all over the world today.

What is Iqbal Day?

Iqbal Day is a public holiday in Pakistan that is celebrated on 9 November each year. It is a day to commemorate the life and work of Allama Iqbal. On Iqbal Day, people all over Pakistan gather to read and discuss Iqbal’s poetry and philosophy. They also participate in seminars and conferences on Iqbal’s work.

Why is Allama Iqbal important?

Allama Iqbal is important because he was a visionary leader who helped to shape the course of modern Islamic thought. He was a staunch advocate for self-empowerment, education, and social reform. 

He also played a key role in the development of the Muslim identity in the modern world. Iqbal’s work is still relevant today, and his message of hope and inspiration continues to resonate with people all over the world.


Allama Iqbal was a brilliant poet, philosopher, and political activist who is widely regarded as one of the most important figures in modern Islamic thought.  His message of hope and inspiration continues to resonate with people all over the world today.

Allama Iqbal’s quotes serve as a timeless wellspring of wisdom, inspiring individuals to strive for self-realization, unity, and a better world. 

His profound insights continue to resonate, offering guidance and motivation to those who seek to make a positive impact in their lives and society.

So now if you got some motivation from these lines that we share above then I encourage you to share his inspiring words with your loved ones and on social media to inspire your loved ones. So why are you waiting now? Let’s spread his message of hope and inspiration to the world! Thank you so much. Have a nice day. You should also read Allama Iqbal Poetry in Urdu by clicking here. Must read.

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