Tips for Crafting the Perfect Post on Instagram

Updated: 05 Jul 2024


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Are you working to get attention on your Instagram posts? Do not worry! Because crafting the ideal Instagram post takes more than posting the most profitable photo. It would help to have a solid strategy, a creative mindset, and attention to detail. So, Check out which explores some tips and tricks to help craft the perfect post for Instagram that captures attention, drives engagement, and ultimately grows your following!

Filter it

Filtering can assist in making a cohesive, stylized brand for your pictures. If you see a filter you value in Canva, keep the filter code to reuse in your assignments. 

Here is a quick video on how to do that: You can even select no filters and utilise the #nofilter hashtag. Be genuine when you post because smart Instagrammers will know! I suggest shooting your pictures further on Instagram.

Perspective Shots

These are the shots where someone takes a picture from an arc where it glimpses like their buddy is keeping up the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Perspective shots are easy. Because they force users to double take which is your whole goal as a content creator you want people to take a second to look at your photo. Because the longer they look, the likelihood they will engage or remember you.

Always Use a High Quality, Visually Appealing Image

If you want to post great moments that are not the best quality images, use Stories for those spontaneous moments. Curate your feed true to your colour palette + brand colours. Life does not look like a perfectly curated Instagram feed, but your IG feed needs to. People judge you within 2 seconds of arriving, harshly known!!!! The greatest Instagram followers available are provided, hence Check out 

Importance of Visual Consistency

  • Visual consistency is for an appealing Instagram feed. 
  • It has elements like filters, editing styles, and content themes across all posts. 
  • When every post shares a comparable vibe, it makes a better professional and reliable appearance. 
  • Character in visuals is for brand distinction and helps precise messages to fans. Consistent patterns, layouts, and visuals help followers recognize your posts before they notice your username.

Use hashtags, but use them wisely

According to a study Measured, Instagram posts with at least one hashtag average 12.6 percent more engagement than those with no hashtags. So, use them when they are relevant to your post and target audience but do not use so many that they crowd your copy and make it difficult to read.

Proofread Your Social Content

Nothing deters your credibility like a typo. It gets done by using informal language on social media, but your posts still need to reflect the business’s professionalism and intelligence. Before you run to post a social media post, take an additional moment to slow down and carefully check it for grammatical mistakes and transparency. 

Perfect your copy. 

Do not just post anything that springs to mind. Pay close awareness to your copy and edit as much as needed. The outcome should be shiny and lovely to read. The most pleasing writing reaches out to numerous drafts and edits. We recommend someone proofread it to establish your copy and give your statement convincingly. 

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