Lithium Battery CR123A 3.0V and CR5 Battery: A Comprehensive Guide

Updated: 08 Jul 2024


Lithium batteries are essential to the operation of modern electronics as they power a wide range of devices. Among these, the Lithium Battery CR123A 3.0V and the CR5 Battery are popular choices due to their reliability and efficiency. This article explores these two types of batteries, their applications, advantages, and considerations for use.

Lithium Battery CR123A 3.0V

The Lithium Battery CR123A 3.0V is a high-performance, cylindrical battery commonly used in various high-drain devices. Its long lifespan and excellent energy density make this battery a favorite for a variety of devices, including spotlights and cameras.


  1. Cameras: Many digital and film cameras use the Lithium Battery CR123A 3.0V due to its ability to provide a consistent voltage, ensuring reliable performance.
  2. Flashlights: High-intensity flashlights often rely on these batteries for their powerful and sustained light output.
  3. Security Systems: Motion detectors, alarm systems, and other security devices benefit from the long-lasting power of CR123A batteries.
  4. Medical Equipment: Certain medical devices, like glucose monitors and other portable tools, use CR123A batteries for their dependable power supply.


  • High Energy Density: The Lithium Battery CR123A 3.0V offers a high energy-to-weight ratio, making it ideal for portable devices.
  • Long Shelf Life: These batteries can last up to 10 years in storage, ensuring they’re ready when you need them.
  • Stable Voltage: Consistent voltage output is crucial for devices that require reliable performance.

CR5 Battery

The CR5 Battery, also known as the CRP2 or EL2CR5, is another type of lithium battery commonly used in photography and other high-drain applications. Its unique size and shape distinguish it from other batteries, making it suitable for specific devices.


  1. Cameras: The CR5 Battery is widely used in professional and consumer cameras, particularly those requiring a compact yet powerful battery.
  2. Portable Devices: Various portable electronic devices, including handheld GPS units and certain medical equipment, use CR5 batteries.
  3. Security Equipment: Like the CR123A, CR5 batteries are also found in security systems and sensors.


  • High Capacity: These batteries offer substantial capacity, ensuring devices run longer between battery changes.
  • Temperature Acceptance: CR5 batteries are dependable in a variety of settings since they function well in a broad range of temperatures.

Selecting the Appropriate Battery

You can choose by using the following advice:

  • Energy Requirements: For devices that require a high energy output, both CR123A and CR5 batteries are excellent choices.
  • Storage and Longevity: If you need batteries that can be stored for long periods, both types offer long shelf lives, but CR123A might be more readily available.


The Lithium Battery CR123A 3.0V and CR5 Battery are essential power sources for many modern devices. They are perfect for strong-drain applications because of their substantial amount of energy, extended shelf life, and dependable operation. Understanding their unique features and advantages helps you choose the right battery for your needs, ensuring your devices operate efficiently and reliably. Whether for photography, security, or medical equipment, these lithium batteries provide the power and dependability required in today’s demanding technological landscape.

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